Indian Chicken Tikka

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Authentic Chicken Tikka recipe by Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi LINK TO OUR TOP 10 RECIPE VIDEOS Chilli Chicken…


canarinni says:


Jonathan Cohen says:

The tomato and lime garnishes are nice – you shouldn’t be so modest about
them though – let the camera close-up on them so we can see them better!

Jonathan Cohen says:

Is there a non-dairy substitute for the yogurt that works?

keneálissan Rios says:

Thank you so much! I will try it this weekend :-)

Gim T says:

Look at his grin when he talks about Venezuela girls!! Lol 

kristel von kreisveld says:

hahaha I love the tomato trick :)))

zSCOTT Jaz says:

yes kapoor mother fucker u forgot to put 2 cups of cow urine and one hindu

aouatef mhamdi says:

thank you for this recipe.i`m gonna try it!

rachiti says:

Interesting. I usually use his recipe from his own videos…but now I’ll
have to try the one from the sanjeevkapoorkhazana videos too. Not sure
about the gram flour addition…but I’ll give it a shot.

anand maru says:

Just made this first time cook ! It’s in the oven omg I can smell this
right now

Spice Princess says:

Thank you for sharing! Nice recipe :) 

jamal ss says:

Indians love to eat

Mausie Sylvani says:

I do not have much of the ingredients you use with your recipe, it must be
good, however, I just bought a bottle of Tikka Masala sauce, I will
probably just buy chicken breast, cut them like what you did and cook it
with the sauce. Will that sauce work? Oh, yes, I also bought a packed of
Chicken Tikka Masala at a wholesale club, it is only loaded with sauce not
much with chicken which are in big chunks, I like it though, it is a little
expensive ‘coz the price increased maybe because it clicked. Thanks for

David Craig says:

Genius at work ,you just make it look easy :-) ,, I have looked in Glasgow
, Bonnie Scotland UK , for mustard oil with no success ,( not tried
specialist shops ? )
, so will try simply adding ” mustard powder ” to vegetable oil and see how
it goes ,, need to try to down load the recipe from somewhere :-) ,, thanks
for the video ,, great help :-) ,, to hungry to waste time on the bird
tomato`s :-) ,, Thanks Again

Sanjay Vyas says:

That Venezuela part had me dying. lol, love this guy

akash kumarsahu says:


Anthony Lowe says:

Love your videos. Can’t wait to try them. Can you do Chicken Khurchan one
day. Every time I have been to Goa, I have Chicken Khurchan the most. time
to go the supermarket now for these ingredients :)

devanshu patel says:

can i use paneer instead of chicken? 

HellGamer says:

6:23 I got scared!!!!!

Steven Gudat says:

Abenteuer Leben sent me here

Matchbox video says:

Try this at home.

sanjeevkapoorkhazana says:

All the best for your trial! Do let us know how it turned out to be. Happy
Cooking! sanjeevkapoorkhazana

envee1978 says:

i have seen lot os recipes of thi chef…most of the recipes are so
unhealthy…same dish can be made with a lot more healthier ingredients n
healthy at the same time

sanjeevkapoorkhazana says:

Yes, it is a must otherwise the yogurt will split. Happy Cooking!

Troubador Rako says:

Didn’t you say you were Brahmin on another video?

Ian Roberts says:

I followed the instructions – great result! This guy is great fun to watch
and a big advocate of Venezuela!

abhinav prakash says:

yes sir, instead of 10 we must give 12 minutes as my microwave goes to max
of 900 watts….so it depends on microwaves….. Tons of thanks to you for
instructions… microwave cooking is a fast and non messy cooking :)

Sathyavrath Saraswathi says:

can someone tell me where to get that very good looking cutting board that
is seen here? Is it Indian?

Maryum Haroon says:

I just love it and this chef is AWESOME

Rickki Rajput says:

Cooking technique is good but VIDEO picture sucks

Kartik Mohan says:

Mr. Singh, i have tried a few of your recipes, and must say, every time,
the results are amazing. i only cook once in a while, but every time, the
dishes turn out too good…from tikka to bhurji…awesome…thank you sir…

sanjeevkapoorkhazana says:

You can use a whisk or electric blender to get rid of the lumps. Happy
Cooking! sanjeevkapoorkhazana

joagenmistry says:

Vary vary good to eat

wajeha kahan says:

thankz 4 ur videos, love dam. can i use any other oil instead of mustard
oil. plz replay

sanjeevkapoorkhazana says:

Did you give it a try? How did it turn out to be. Happy Cooking!

Rimu Malhotra says:

Generally in marination tandoori colour is used to marinate chicken with
spices. But in this u have add Haldi pwd.

sanjeevkapoorkhazana says:

The mustard oil is used in the marinade to give the chicken a flavour when
it cooks. You cannot use peanut oil for this, as the recipe will be
altered. Happy Cooking! sanjeevkapoorkhazana

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